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Electric Motorbike C5

Electric Motorbike C5

Advanced Electric Motorcycle Design:
• Full Suspension System
• Extended Motorbike-Style Seat
• Motorcycle-Style Riding Posture: motorbike-like experience
Long Range Battery:
Equipped with a 48V 20Ah lithium battery, it offers an impressive range of 60-80 miles.
Full Suspension:
It boasts a 220 mm dual-crown inverted front fork (longest travel in the industry) and motorcycle-grade spring suspension, enhancing comfort significantly.
Torque Sensor:

Unlike a basic cadence sensor, it uses a torque sensor to adjust power output based on the force of your pedaling, making the ride more comfortable and intuitive.

Hydraulic Brakes:
With 180mm hydraulic brakes, it ensures safety during your rides
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